The process to ensure homes idenitified for re-weatherization by their subgrantees are eligible and tracked by their completion date

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​Once weatherization work is complete, invoiced and paid in Hancock, the job is locked. The "Rework" feature in Hancock is available for agencies to create and track work associated with a job after the job has been invoiced and paid​

This feature has the following features to ensure federal funding sources requirements:

  • ​The state (grantee) must approve the job for rework within Hancock Software. If the state does not approve the job, the job can't be processed for re-weatherization.
  • The subgrantee has the ​ability to add measures to a job after it has been approved by the state

  • This does NOT change the completion date or the period in which the job is reported as complete​. Statistical and federal ​reporting should not change if rework occurs.

  • ​Rework expenses are reported​ in the period in which they occur
  •  A Rework report is available in System Reports, Agency Invoicing Reports​ that includes # of rework jobs and status of rework jobs:


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