Video: Heat Training Series

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This training series will walk you through all the steps for using Heat for the iPad, including Installation, Audit, and Energy Savings analysis.


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How to Set up Heat on the iPad:



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Using the Energy Consumption Screen:


Entering in Building Information:


Performing a Heating System Replacement:


Heating System Replacement - Heat pumps:


Heating System Replacement - Electric resistance with a heat pump:


Thermostat Training :        


Refrigerators Icon Training:


Lighting Module Training:


Appliance Icon Training:


Hot Water Measure / DHW:


Hot Water Tank           :


DHW Tap Temperature   : 


Other Measures          :


Combustion Safety         :


Combustion Test         :


CO Test                       :


Attic                                :


Windows and Wall Training - Define Windows and Place on Wall:


Basement Modeling - Complex Basement Calculation


Ashrae 62.2-2013 Hancock Software Mobile Calculator

The required ventilation calculation uses the greater number of occupants, or bedrooms plus 1. Recording 2 occupants and 2 bedrooms in an audit will result in a calculation suitable for 3 inhabitants, not 2 as the video asserts.


Please Note:

Hancock Software best practices strongly recommends uploading all jobs at the end of the day to prevent sensitive customer data from being on the users' iPads.


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