Combustion Test




The Combustion Test screen is used to record test results from combustion tests.  Enter one record for each combustion system you test.


The Combustion Test screen is accessed by opening the client’s record from the Job List screen, then selecting Combustion Test from the WEATHERIZATION menu.

  1. To create a new record, click Add under the appropriate section.
  2. To edit an existing record, click Edit at the beginning of the row. 
  3. To delete a record, click Delete at the beginning of the row.


See the tasks below for directions on entering Combustion Test information.


Add Combustion Test Information


From the WEATHERIZATION menu select Combustion Test:

  1. Click Add to enter a new record.
  2. Enter the name of the Equipment you are testing. You can enter any name to help identify the test, such as Pre Test Furnace or Post Test Furnace.
  3. Enter the temperature of the appliance gases in the flue in the Stack Temp
  4. Enter the pressure difference in the Draft
  5. Enter the % oxygen in the O2
  6. Enter the temperature of gases in the appliance before the flue in the Draft Over Fire
  7. If there is evidence of smoke, use the Smoke You can enter anything in the field, such as TR for trace.
  8. Enter the amount of Carbon Monoxide in the CO
  9. Enter the % Carbon Dioxide in the CO2
  10. Enter the input BTU per hour in the BTU Input/Hour
  11. Enter the equipment
  12. Enter the output BTU per hour in the BTU Output/Hour
  13. Enter the Test Efficiency
  14. Enter a Comment (optional).
  15. Click Save.
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