HEEC - Managing Applications as an Incentive Application Reviewer or Program Manager


Incentive Application Reviewers refer to employees, usually from a utility company. Reviewers have the following responsibilities using the Hancock Software online portal:

  • View pending incentive applications
  • Request changes or additional information
  • Accept or reject the application

Incentive Reviewers have access to the following tab in the Hancock Software Online Portal toolbar, described in this document:

  • Incentive Applications

Incentive Applications tab

View and manage existing applications

To view or manage applications submitted by the Trade Allies, select Incentive Applications > Dashboard Applications.

The New & Recently Updated tab provides a quick insight into current application changes.  

All applications can be viewed in the Active Applications tab.

You can view or edit any new or pending applications using the following steps:

  1. Select the application you want to view or manage and click Edit.
  2. Review or edit details.
  3. In the Supporting files tab, upload documentation used in analysis and click Update.

  4. Set the status, such as Approved, Awaiting More Information, or Rejected and click Update.
  5. In the Notifications tab, notify the applicant of any needs or the status.

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